Cairns nitrogen tyre inflation

We offer NITROTYRE high purity nitrogen, which is free of oxygen and moisture and has a molecular size four times that of regular compressed air. This means that a motorcycle tyre filled with NITROTYRE loses only one psi per month, compared with a tyre filled with compressed air, which can lose as much as six psi in the same timeframe.

It's best for your tyres
We are the authorised Nitrotyre agent in Cairns

Nitrotyre offers a constant and consistent tyre pressure, regardless of any temperature changes occurring within the tyre.

Nitrogen tyre inflation is not about nitrogen, it’s about removing the oxygen and gaseous water vapour from the tyre. Many Australian tyre and automotive businesses don’t understand nitrogen, and are filling Australian motorists tyres manually with a bottle of nitrogen gas and a regulator. Bottom line - This does not work as the oxygen and and gaseous water vapour are not being removed from the tyre. NITROTYRE™ is the only company in Australia that stands behind its brand with a nationwide 96% in-tyre purity guarantee. Don’t ask for nitrogen, ask for NITROTYRE™- the trusted name in nitrogen tyre inflation.

Benefits of Nitrotyre
Nitrotyre can help your motorcycle tyres in many ways
  • Significantly improved pressure retention
  • Constant pressure, irrespective of tyre temperature
  • Elimination of oxidation, ensuring optimum pressure retention with age
  • Longer tyre life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Improved performance and safety

As your local NITROTYRE motorcycle dealer, we offer clients a 12-month plan, which includes nitrogen top-ups, pressure checks and replacement nitrogen in the event of a puncture.

Roadside Assist

With Bikecraft Road Side Assist you can take advantage of a free motorcycle pickup service from within Cairns to Gordonvale and the Northern Beach areas. If you find yourself stranded and your bike won't start, or if there might be a developing problem get your bike safely picked up and taken to our workshop.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Our motorcycle dyno tuning hardware was developed by a company who has over 6,000 dynamometer installations world wide. The software we use gives us the ability to control vehicle RPM or Speed at any throttle opening to ensure we can tune your motorcycle to the highest standards by replicating normal engine use at identical climatic and atmospheric conditions.


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